Column Restoration Specialists

These contactors restore, repair and fabricate replacement wood columns, plinths, capitals and bases. Large wood columns, whether fluted or unfluted, frequently rot out in the bottom few inches, while the rest of the shaft is solid. Restoration can involve a combination of epoxy wood repair and stabilization plus replication of needed staves and bases as required.

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Triumph Restoration
The 200 Year Old Historic Florentine Hotel * Restoration 2016
Germantown, OH 45327
Exterior Restoration of The Historic Florentine Hotel
CIS Steeplejacks
First Congregational Church Steeple Repair, Roofing & Painting
Litchfield, OH 44253
First Congregational Church Steeple Repair and Copper Roof Application
Simmonds Woodturning
Porch Post Restoration
Durham, ON N0G1R0
Restoration an Replication of Porch Posts and Turnings
Century Porch Post Inc.
Duplicating Porch Posts.
Hillsburgh, ON N0B1Z0
We can duplicate your existing pattern so you only need to replace a few not all
Jones Sculpture Studio
St. Mary's Cathedral
Portland, OR 97210
Restoration of Holy Family and Other Catholic Saints. Sculpture Cleaning, Relocation, Repair and Polish.

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