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1916 Row house

This brick end unit has had some unfortunate renovations over the past 100 years, so my goal is to return the house to near original condition with some alterations for modern living. Much of the woodwork is intact, with missing, damaged and new pieces as near a match as possible. One of four fireplace mantles was removed and will be replaced with a salvaged one. The kitchen will be widened to allow for better cabinet arrangement and more space. The rear kitchen wall was opened and the porch enclosed, but the construction was so poor that the entire wall is sagging in the center. This brick wall will be rebuilt with design similar to that before and the open porch will be restored. Between the dining and living room is a small room without a door, in the same size as the upstairs bathroom. The new kitchen wall will shorten the width of this space but still leave enough room for a full bath and laundry closet for the first floor. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and dressing room/closet. The dressing room will be the closet for the adjacent bedroom, while the other two bedrooms will get wardrobes. The bathroom will be redone in period design. The original tub seems to be missing, since the current corner tub doesn't fit well, and the final plan hasn't been set. The walls are plaster with 3x6 embossed tile design on the lower portion in poor condition, so this will be mimicked by ceramic tile.
All of the windows are in very poor shape, so they will all be removed and refurbished. The original exterior entry and kitchen doors are gone and will be replaced with salvaged ones. All light fixtures will be period style, and door and window hardware will be replaced with new or salvaged parts.

September - After difficulties on multiple fronts, the project is progressing and the new wiring, plumbing pipes and HVAC system are nearly complete. The bathrooms are coming along and the kitchen plan is set. Once the sheetrock is installed, work on the details will move forward.

2017- Slow progress but progress none the less. The window refurbishment is underway and the kitchen is just about complete. All of the lights have been chosen and most on the first floor have been installed so it's starting to look like a house again. Lots of tile work yet to be done and the moulding is waiting to be nailed back in place.

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Previously renovated kitchen
Enclosed porch with improper support and poor construction
Slanted porch and sagging brick wall
Awful, sloppy fireplace in the dining room where a beautiful mantle was, and will be again
Opening into the dining room from inbetween room that will be a new bathroom
Peeling paint and plastic instead of glass
The dressing room was opened to the bedroom then closed again sometime in the past
From the woodwork and door, this closet might have been built in the twenties
The bathroom is a total mess
Plastic surround, with this corner tub that seems out of place
Embossed plaster will be replaced with ceramic tile and original-matching wall trim
The rear bedroom with water damaged ceiling, walls and windows
The bricks have been removed
Living room fireplace, luckily the paint will scrape off easily from the tile
Interesting textured ceiling in the living room
Poor painting for the stairs, staining the treads is the plan for now
Pocket door edge trim was removed when the opening was covered over
Lots and lots of caulk, and phone wiring
Middle bedroom
Front bedroom
Front bedroom opening into the dressing room which was covered over again many years ago
Front window in need of some attention
Window restoration has begun with the dressing room window
Dressing room doorway in need of a door
The worst roof leaks are in the rear bedroom
Damage from water and neglect
Rear bedroom
Rear porch enclosure, soon to be a memory
What appears to be the original linoleum for the bathroom floor
The doorway to the kitchen will be closed to create the laundry room while access to the kitchen will be through the dining room.
All of the plaster has been removed for new wiring and plumbing installation. The small area between the kitchen and dining room will be part of a larger kitchen.
This small room will become the master bathroom with access inside the bedroom. The door from this entrance will get used in the new linen closet.
This wall was opened and then covered again sometime in the past, and now it will be the entrance to the master bathroom.
The pocket doors that were closed off years ago have been exposed and will be working once again.
The pocket door hardware is still in excellent condition and allowed the doors to move freely with some adjustment and WD-40.
The poorly constructed brickwork was removed to make way for a salvaged, wood fireplace mantle.
The original gas pipe for the light fixtures was disconnected long ago, but the wiring hadnt been changed.
The bathtub in its new position, after the door was shifted to accomodate it. The date on the tub is 1926 so its not original to the house.
The original rear porch railing uncovered.
The porch railing was repaired, while the new porch steps were built to code requirements, but with a complementary design.
With the counter top installed, the kitchen is almost together.

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