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1926 Steinway Grand Piano Cabinet and Plate Refinishing / Restoration

We are in the process of restoring this 1926 Steinway & Sons Grand Piano in our Piano Workshop Studio.

Restoration, so far, has included disposal of existing piano strings, removal of piano action, deteriorated piano felts and various other components.

We are in the process of rebuilding the piano action mechanism, salvaging and refurbishing as many component parts as possible. We have completed refinishing the cast iron piano plate, or "harp", steps included cleaning, sanding, painting and lettering the plate branding.

We are reconditioning plate attachment hardware where feasible and replacing the tuning pins.

We will refinish the piano cabinet prior to re-seating the plate, at which time we will re-string the entire piano with new piano wire.

Next, we will recover the piano keys, replace all worn felts and reassemble the piano for final adjustments. Hopefully, it will be ready for a proper piano tuning to bring it back to pitch.

We only have a few photos suitable for publication at this time, but will be sharing many, more detailed, images moving forward.

MORE at The Building Arts Notebook blog.

Montgomery, Alabama
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1926 Steinway Grand Piano Plate Branding (Before)
1926 Steinway Grand Piano Plate Branding (After)
1926 Steinway Grand Piano Harp Refinishing (Before)
1926 Steinway Grand Piano Harp Refinishing (Before)

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