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Austin Club marble restoration and medallion repair

We were called in to clean and re-polish the marble at the Austin Club in down town Austin next to the Capitol. The Building is a historical landmark and used to be the local opera house. When we arrived we found the floor in rough condition to say the least, and the medallion in the center of the floor heavily damaged. The medallion which is carved into a large piece of marble was originally inlaid with brass which was dented, scratched and missing altogether in some areas. The General manager wanted the metal inlay removed and replaced with something more visually appealing. Our solution was to completely clean out the carving and fill the recesses with epoxy tinted to match the colors requested. The Floor had been previously refinished using a polish-able top coat that had to be removed in order to restore the floor properly, this required the use of stripping chemicals and honing of the stone with diamond floor pads. once the floor was back down to bare stone we were able to proceed with the re-polishing of the marble through a series of finer diamond pads finished off with a polishing compound to produce a true mechanical polish without any top coat to wear away.

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