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Broken Sculpture Repair and Restoration

This tutorial / illustration was put together as an example showing how Lakeside Pottery generally repairs and restores stone sculptures. The key elements are: Choosing the right pins for strength, drilling accurately on both sides of the break lines, using the right bonding adhesive, using the right filler adhesives, hiding the repair lines and preserving the repair areas. In this example, the sculpture head broke off and was glued back on with the wrong adhesive. The main issue with this repair was the break line was not clean and many fragments were missing. Visit:

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Broken stone sculpture with missing fragments
Drill holes for metal posts
Collect drilled dust for later use
Mark sculpture outline
Mark holes location so that it can be trasfered to the broken head
Cut paper along marked outline
Place glue so that it can pick up the paper from bottom
Place over bottom paper
Mark through holes on the head part of the stone
Remove paper and drill holes where marked
Clean hold (air gun is best)
Cust metal rod to be placed in holes
Verify allignment before epoxing
Mix and apply epoxy
Wait for epoxy to cure
Mix filler epoxy with previously drilled stone dust
Fill gaps with filler epoxy
Smooth surface
Create matched texture
Match colors and apply protective coating
Sculpture all restored and ready for pick up
Repaired area - close up

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