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Clean and Colorseal Tile and Grout

This was one of the dirtiest floors we've seen to date. The floor was so dirty, they were actually tracking the filth to the adjacent carpet and hardwood floors. As you can see from these photos, the dirt and food and whatever else, did come clean after thoroughly scrubbing and turbo rinsing the floor. After cleaning the floor, we dried it with microfiber cloths and a floor fan. We then colorsealed the grout lines, permanently sealing the grout lines. The colorseal really made a dramatic difference to the floor, as all the stains were not covered and the grout was all at one uniform color.We clean and colorseal residential and commercial tile and grout, making the tile and grout easier to maintain, as no liquids can absorb into the grout.

San Jose
Santa Clara County
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Dirty Tile and Grout
Scrubbing with a grout brush really works great. We scrub all grout lines by hand before using any machines.
We then scrub all the tiles with a rotary machine. This really cleans the tiles thoroughly.
After scrubbing the grout lines with grout brushes and the tiles with the floor machine, we pressure wash the floor with a t
Here's a photo of the floor cleaned, but not colorsealed. The grout still has a slight discoloration from being stained.
In this photo we can see the grout has been colorsealed and all the grout is one uniform color.
Here's the floor cleaned and colorsealed and ready for our customer.
What a difference a clean floor makes. Now they just need to replace that dirty carpet.

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