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Complete Home Makeover - Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning

Our power washing company in West Hartford, CT, came across this house covered in mold and algae. The windows were covered in a film of grime, and the gutters were clogged from the heavy tree cover in the area. When algae and mold start to grow on the siding, it is not a good sign and should be addressed immediately. Our power washers did an incredible job going 360 degrees around the house with special environmentally friendly detergents, power washing and wiping the mold and algae away where necessary. The pressure washing equipment must be calibrated correctly for different building materials to ensure that damage does not occur. Learn more about the most important considerations on our website here ( ). After power washing, the next step was to clean the gutters from debris so that water could be channeled properly away from the home and not leaking down the siding and preventing damage to the roof. This involves taking the necessary precautions on a ladder and sometimes may involve dissembling the gutter system. Finally, we cleaned the windows of the property both inside an out using special environmentally friendly window cleaning solutions and T-bar squeegees. The difference was unbelievable and the owner of this house was extremely glad the siding did not need to be replaced. Proper home maintenance is extremely important, especially for those living in West Hartford where seasonal variations can have a big impact on the exterior of your home.

West Hartford
United States
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