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Diss assembly and re assembly of BSA fonder Dan Beard cabin

We were hired by NE PA council of BSA to take down the historic cabin and meeting lodge. originally built in 1926 out of American Chestnut for of one of the founding fathers of American BSA Dan Beard. This was located closer to Hawley on property now owned by Woodloch developers. They graciously gave the cabin to the council. We took it down in Feb 2011. We are now re erecting it at the councils property known as Goose Pond Scout Reservation. They built a block foundation so we had to convert from the original construction, which was lay logs on rocks and build the floor system later. The camp will be using the cabin for multiple purposes, one of which will be for new scouts who just joined Boy Scouts.
The challenge on this build was that they changed the configyration of the back wall. Original construction was with 3 doors leading to another room added on. The additional room was elliminated so we could not stack the original logs in the original places as marked. we had to determine which logs could be donors and use them, cutting new saddle notches that matched the original logs on the adjoining walls. The other challenge was that my original markings had faded over the 9 years as the logs were not covered properly. We also had to repace some rotted logs trying not to use logs that were intended to be utilized further up the stack. All this whilst training newbies.

Lake Ariel, PA
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Several weeks into the build front wall
One of a few logs that span the full length of the building
logs are so old some peices break off just from handeling
Getting closer to the top
Starting rafters 8 weeks to get to this point

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