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Foundation Restoration in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio foundation problems are primarily a result of expanding clay soil in combination with inconsistent variation in seasonal temperatures. In this project, we leveled the foundation in a process known as mud-jacking, where we pour concrete under the foundation so it is less likely to settle further over time. The process for this foundation repair involves drilling into the concrete and digging around the foundation. To inject the concrete, we use a high pressure pump as an advanced repair technique ( more about this on our website: ). In addition to concrete, we use a potassium ion based solution to inject the soil. This solution provides a permanent binding effect which prevents the soil from absorbing as much water. After the foundation is totally level, we recommend at least a week for the newly poured concrete to fully adapt to the environment. This foundation restoration solution is effective in a large percentage of structures, and it is unlikely that further foundation settling will occur. However, in this instance, we also needed to add pilings, which are vertical structural elements that are drilled below the foundation, past the zone of influence, and into the bedrock. After this process, the foundation was totally restored, repaired, and leveled.

San Antonio
United States
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