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Gothic Revival Victorian in Newton, MA

Built in 1875 this Gothic Revival Victorian house in Newton MA needed some carpentry repair and a thorough cleaning and repainting. The colors remained they same so we were tasked with choosing the best, longest lasting exterior paint, one that would touch up well while resisting color fade, mildew growth, and leave a breathable or permeable coating on all siding and trim. You can learn more about this exterior painting project here.


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We chose Benjamin Moore’s Aura product line for this project - it is a high performing exterior paint that has served us well in the past and we knew this home deserved only the best product we could find.
We required an 80’ boom lift to avoid damaging the formal gardens and also to avoid placing ladders or people on the original slate roof. Lifts present their own challenges however - we protected the driveway with two layers of ½” plywood to better distribute weight, avoid compressing the driveway pavers and protect against possible oil drips and stains.
We chose to spray much of the trim so masked adjacent surfaces carefully - when our work is complete we will also remove existing, hundred year old paint drips visible on some of the roof slate. We chose to spray for efficiency and economy - a spray applied finish will leave behind a more uniform coating - uniform in color coverage as well as paint coating depth - . This approach also saved us time and therefore the owners money.
The gingko tree reveals the painting took place in the fall - we avoided painting in the summer intentionally - the summertime overhead sun means less shade for us to paint in and every paint can begs the painter not to paint in direct sunlight, for very good reasons! Paint applied to a hot surface dries and cures too quickly which degrades the paints long term performance.
Note the painter wearing a safety harness while in the boom lift bucket - this may seem overly cautious but with the lift parked in an active driveway, the risk of an accidental impact causing the boom to move suddenly presents real risks of ejection from the bucket.
Note the extensive use of protection on the metal roof, copper flashing and landscaping - we work hard to paint the correct surface!
Stunning gingerbread detail at the dormer peaks - this house is a gift to the neighborhood and town! We were very lucky to work on this magnificent building.
More protection, and careful tending of the landscaping keeps paint of the evergreen boxwood shrubs.
Note the use of paper masking on the second floor frieze, fascia and window capitals - no one can see overspray or paint drips this high, but it doesn’t mean we should be any less careful!
The home run - fresh paint on all surfaces including the functional wood shutters. These we labelled, removed to our shop for cleaning, preparation and repainting by airless spray. We paid special attention to double coating the tops and bottoms of the shutters - this is where most water is absorbed when paint is compromised by sunlight and weathering.
The porch details are easily overlooked from a distance since the house is so impressively ornate - up close it is apparent the builder and architect worked in harmony to ensure the Gothic Revival features grace the most most mundane construction elements.
An intriguing perspective, courtesy of our architectural photographer Lynne Damianos - she captured the pragmatic geometry of the porch roof overhang - beams, brackets, rafters, juxtaposed against the elaborate artistry of the porte cochere gable end.
On this Victorian, even the smallest of windows receives the Gothic upgrade.

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