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Historic Trenton Masonic Temple: Decorative Plaster & Paint Restoration

Due to some faulty plumbing between the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Temple, a drain line broke and subsequently damaged the 2nd floor meeting hall (ceiling to floor).
We first covered the entire floor with protective plastic, as well as the built in seating. Then we erected scaffolding to reach the repairs at a ceiling height of 18 ft.
After this we scrapped away the peeling paint, removed the loose plaster, and sealed the repair areas with a bonding-fortifying agent. After that we filled the voids with base plaster, applied fiberglass mesh to the superficial cracks, and veneer plastered over those areas, blending the repairs into the sound surfaces.
We used silicone rubber molds to replicate the plaster moldings, filling in the missing pieces that had fallen down during the water damage. Once all the new ornament was installed we sanded the repair areas and applied a tinted primer in preparation for our decorative artist.
At this point, our decorative artist took over, painstakingly matching each of the 100 year old paint colors and custom finishes. He blended the repair area seamlessly into the existing finishes.

New Jersey
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Initial Scrapping and Cleaning
Flat Surface Repairs
Silicone Molds Used to Replicate Missing Pieces
Our Decorative Painter matching colors and finishes.
Decorative Paint Matching Nearly Complete
Thanks again to our customers at Historic Trenton Masonic Temple.

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