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Mayfair Theater Facade, Santa Monica

In an effort to preserve and restore the historic facade portion of this adaptive re-use project, eight different materials were addressed in the saving of this streetscape structure, including cast stone, decorative plaster, wood windows, ceramic tile entry and storefronts.
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Santa Monica
Los Angeles
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The upper cast stone portion of the facade had failed over the years, due to earthquakes and iron-jacking of the internal mild steel structural supports.
Careful documentation was first performed to assist in later accurate reinstallation
Multiple beam and hoist system was utilized to remove the pieces, some weighing up to 800 lbs.
Other media addressed as part of the overal project included this wrought iron grill over the storefront
New scored plaster was installed to match the original, integrally-colored plaster veneer
New ceramic tile entry surrounds and storefront windows were trimmed with a custom-manufactured tile, derived from the only historic photo available
Meanwhile, the upper parapet was at last reconstructed in new cast-in-place concrete
Layout of the selectively salavaged cast stone parapet pieces was required to verify accuracy and allow for repairs and preparation for reinstallation
New stainless steel structural support was installed first and then the salavaged and restored cast stone pieces installed by attaching to the new steel structure
The process of removal was reversed as the reconstrcted parpate took shape.
New FRC finials were installed to cap off the project.

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