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Restoring 18th Century Set Kettles

One of numerous masonry repair projects undertaken on the Houghton/Sprague farm restoration In the Still River borough of Harvard Massachusetts. The Late 18th century set Kettles were mostly intact but in quite a state of disrepair as was the exterior chimney which had been taken down to the roof during a prior phase of the project. The chimney rebuilt and lined with Ventinox corrugated stainless steel chimney liner, insulated with vermiculite, the interior dismantled at the face top and hearth. Reassembled using both original brick and supplemental units salvaged brick saved from other areas on site including the original brick floors in the basement. The fireboxes and flue areas around the kettles were parged with Chamber safe zero clearance insulating refractory mortar

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Dismantled and prepped to go
Finished and ready to fire
Collapsed hearth
New hearth
refractory parging
Iron Kettle before
Chimney Liner ans insulation installed
Crown duplicated from late 19th century photo
completed chimney
Chimney liner install in progress interior
Chimney crown with form in progress
New hearth
Iron Kettle after
refractory parging

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