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Slate Roof Restoration, First Presbyterian Church, Sharon, PA

We removed the old copper and failed flashings on this church and replaced them with 20 ounce copper. We fabricated 20 ounce copper ridge and installed it using concealed fasteners (cleats). We replaced valleys, roof basin areas, chimney flashings, step flashings and aprons. We also replaced hundreds of slates.

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Chimney Reflashing with 20 ounce copper
New valleys, ridge and soldered copper basin on dormer.
This basin behind the bell tower was EPDM before we repaired it correctly.
Brent Ulisky, Foreman, replacing a basin behind a parapet wall using soldered 20 ounce copper.
Shop fabricated 20 ounce copper ridge made to match the original and attached with cleats.
More 20 ounce soldered copper work.
Brent Ulisky and Orion Jenkins were the slate mechanics on this job.

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