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Wunderlich Floorcloth/Canvas Rug

This floorcloth is based on a metal ceiling image from Australia's Wunderlich Metal Ceiling Catalog, circa 1912. The catalog contains many examples of gorgeous designs that are highly adaptable to floorcloth patterns. One of our clients was looking for an idea for a floorcloth for his study and we showed him the ceiling image and he loved it.

Translating an image like this into a floorcloth is a multi step process. The image supplied an overall structure and a suggestion as to the pattern for each of its elements. We spent a lot of time looking at enlarged versions of the image and imagining the details of each element and how they might be translated into stencils. Remarkably, the width to height ratio for the floorcloth matched the width to height ratio for the ceiling image exactly. This meant we didn’t need to alter the relative proportions of any of the elements. Ultimately, the piece was broken down into thirteen elements and each was sized, such that they summed to the proper dimensions for the finished piece. Drawings and then stencils were created for each element.

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Wunderlich Ceiling Image from Catalog
Sample to proof colors and design with the client
Floorcloth in production
Floorcloth in production
Floorcloth in production
Completed Floorcloth
Close up
Close up
Close up
Close up
Floorcloth In Situ

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