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Chicago's T. Jefferson Pump Station

Heavily damaged two, 1 Ton each, doors measuring 12' x 5.5' x 3" each plus 8.5' x 11' transom. Steel core covered with 1/8" plate brass, cast bronze rosettes, cast bronze frames and five brass hinges for each door. Doors had three coats of paint that had been removed. All bras parts were sanded and polished, three coats of lacquer were applied, new hig security bolt was installed, flush bolts and hinges were refurbished. The bottom steel core on both doors was totally rotten and was replaced. Jamb/frames attached to the building after cleaned to bare metal were treated with pure Zinc primer and industrial paint.
Panels on the doors as per architect specs were substitute by double pane alluminum pieces with a thermal insert.
Due to limited space inside of the building, doors were removed with a specific 800 pounds gantrie, built in our facilities.

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Internal structure totally corroded before replacement
Installation of doors after restoration
Inside view after restoration

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