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The George Adderley House

At the Crane Point Museum is the Adderley House, it is the oldest house in the Florida Keys outside of Key West. It was built in 1903 by George Adderley, a Bahamian boatman. The modest home was built using Tabby materials which consist of oyster & conch shells which were burnt to makes lime, coral rock and miscellaneous shells were used to create the walls. This is in a time before Henry Flagler had built his overseas railroad through the Keys. There had been an earlier restoration attempt but improper materials were used and the finish had the appearance of a modern stucco home. We were asked to remove all improper materials and repair damaged wooden posts and fill in holes within the original Tabby using similar materials.

Tabby had been in use in coastal areas of the Southeast since the time of the Spanish. There are very few examples of this type of construction to be found today.

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The Adderley House at Crane Point Museum before restoration.
Randy Clark looking over the repairs that would need to be made and the integrity of the mortar.
We would remove damaged wooden posts to shore up the corners and re-apply Tabby materials
Cody Clark applying the lime plaster by hand following the original Tabby walls.
The Tabby walls were filled in where there were holes or the mortar had deteriorated.
As the walls were repaired we would use moisten burlap to help protect them from the intense Florida sun.
Exterior has been restored.
Main living room of the house before restoration.
After restoration.

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