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The Government House Museum

The University of Florida owns many of the historic buildings in Saint Augustine, Fl. and we were chosen as the plastering contractor to repair the unique mortar and coquina finish on the exterior of the Museum for them. At first we were to try and repair the existing exterior which dates back to the 1930's when the building was restructured to be used as the Post Office. Due to under laying issues it was decided that we would repair and/or remove damaged re-bar, tuck-point the coral rock, repair the chimneys, numerous sills and replicate the finish to match the original 1930's finish. We were under a tight time frame as the King & Queen of Spain were due to visit Saint Augustine to celebrate the city's 450th birthday.
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Saint Augustine
St. John's
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Rear wall of the Museum showing deteriorating conditions of the building.
Another example of the damage to the building.
Repairing damaged re-bar over one of the windows. Almost all the windows and doors would need attention.
We also repaired the spalling concrete columns under the museum.
We worked in secrecy, hidden behind screens.
When the building was finally revealed the locals were thrilled the building looked only as if it had been pressure washed and the trim painted. We gave them their building as it had looked in 1930!
Courtyard area, every one of the columns had spalling issues.
Finished exterior.
King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, standing on our balcony at The Government House Museum!

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