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A Home Left Behind

Many homes get left behind. Owners change, times change and it becomes increasingly difficult to choose colors that are appropriate to both the architecture and the times we are living in. We are architectural color consultants that specialize in designing exterior color schemes for all types of residences. We work with victorians and modern homes alike. We take great pride in bringing a historical home back to life for a homeowner and this is what we did on this particular project.
This was a home in Denver, Colorado and we were able to get acquainted with the homeowners and explore their goals and hopes for their renovation. They were very familiar with the history of the house and there were many features of the home that were special to them. Much of the original detailing had been painted over many years ago and it was beginning to lose its luster. The paint looked dingy and dark and the overall balance and proportion of the structure had been somewhat lost in translation. We wanted to call attention to the architecture in just the right way, and we also wanted to make it fit in with the surrounding neighborhood and most importantly, the tastes of the family living there. They expressed their likes and dislikes and hopes for the new design in a questionnaire that we created for homeowners. They wanted the impression the house made to be dignified, bright and warm while still maintaining the context of its style and history.
The color scheme we designed for this home did just that. The new palette created a warm and inviting feel to the overall aesthetic. It also set a tone that was true to the balance and proportion of the victorian building and allowed the detailing to be highlighted in the right accents. We used rich, warm colors that fit in with what the owners favored and were appropriate for the scale of the home and what was around it. The colors were somewhat organic looking (tans,greens, terra-cottas) in keeping with the historical aspect of the home, but these colors tended toward what is more appealing in modern times so they added life and character where it was very much needed. The homeowners were just as excited as we were to see the sample go up and it was immediately clear that this house needed a new outfit. It had been left behind but was clearly a jewel of the streetscape. Now it was back to its position of high standard and beautiful curb appeal - and most importantly, home to a happy family.

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A Home Left Behind - Before Front Elevation
A Home Left Behind - Before Side Elevation
A Home Rediscovered - After Painting

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