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Range Hood Onlay

Customer was looking for an applique for the range hood in the kitchen. Our Onlay D needed to be 28" w x 21-1/2" h x 1" d in Alder material. When we received the first onlay from our carver, the onlay was broken in three pieces, so we had the item re carved for the customer and split it in 5 sections, making the splits at the curled points. Our carver had stated that the piece was too large for shipping and that the material was too week for the size of the project. The customer agreed and was very happy with the end results, as you can see from the picture, that after installation, there is no way to tell we even split the onlay into sections.
We strive for a happy customer, always. You can see all of our hand carved onlays on our site at

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Range hood Onlay Project

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